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How Adolescent Parenting Affects Children, Families, and Communities

Starting at birth, children begin to develop social and emotional skills. It is important for parents, no matter their age, to ensure their children are adequately prepared to face challenges later in life by maintaining a loving home environment that nurtures their ability to learn about themselves and the world around them. A strong foundation of social and emotional skills will help them make better choices in adulthood, and decrease the probability that they will search for love in the wrong places.


As a parent, giving up control is hard. You want to do everything you can to defend your child from bad decisions. But rather than crushing your teen’s independence, help them navigate the treacherous waters of being young so that they develop into mature, responsible adults. You’ll both be happy that you did.

Build a Post-Career Plan With a Retirement Coach

Ideally, you should start the coaching process three to five years ahead of retirement to have a plan in place when you leave the workforce. But if you find yourself disappointed or at loose ends in retirement, it's not too late to benefit from a coach's help.



Retirement ain’t no fairy tale! It’s not some super special happy place where things are automatic and easy.

Hitting 65, Boomers Seek Out 'Retirement Coaches'


But Boomers, many of whom are turning 65, have no road maps. They not only have to figure out how to make their money last, but they need to reinvent themselves in the second act of life.

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