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Coach Kathy is a Life Coach who has worked diligently to help others realize their potential.   She has worked energetically over the past 40 years volunteering with Prevent Child Abuse, Special Olympics, Junior Achievement, High School & Collegiate athletic teams, local youth, and facilitating local county court-sponsored parenting classes. Her parenting experience spans youth 0 - 5, teens. In addition, she has worked with teen parents ages 14 - 19.  During her tenure, while working with the YMCA of Metropolitan Chattanooga shes worked with at-risk males.  She developed a curriculum for General Electric, "GE Girls Camp” at Georgia Tech, mentored young adults in preparation for college and post-graduation. She has also mentored undergraduates of her alma mater - Alabama A&M University.  Coach Kathy has worked with teens assigned to drug court providing  Individual,  Family, and Group Counseling.

  She provides a safe space where listening, self-assessment, growth, and understanding are fostered. She also works with transitioning adults through relationships, job transition, and retirement lifestyle.  Her mantra is "You live a more fulfilling life when You walk Your purpose!

       Coaching Certifications


CPC - Certified Professional Coach CLC- Certified Life Coach

CYPF - Certified Youth, Parent &                     Family Coach

CCC- Certified Christian Coach

CRC - Certified Relationship Coach

CAC- Certified Addiction Coach

CBC - Certified Business Coach


Family Matters aspires to be an advocate for the family, providing life skills for young adults, parenting, and support of transitioning adults  Our goal is to enable everyone we encounter with the tools to gain self-awareness, confidence, and coping skills that lead to the development of a plan to Live Life on Purpose!


Family Matters Advocate strives to strengthen families. We support youth, parents, life transitioning adults, and families. 

Through individual discussions, assessments, and group sessions, we help you develop realistic goals and action plans that can be leveraged to secure your future.  


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